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The Nutrition Science Podcast

Jan 17, 2019

Have you been told that you should avoid grains and legumes because they are inflammatory?

Well, I am here to challenge that thinking and I want to share some evidence with you (linked below) to support my stance. 

Tune in to the episode to learn why these foods are most likely good for your health and why restricting...

Jan 11, 2019

It is the new year, which means millions of people will step into January desperate to lose weight, and many others will be right there ready to prey on those individuals and sell them any weight loss gimmick possible. 

Today on the show we are going to talk about the HCG diet. I want to discuss this particular diet,...

Jan 10, 2019

I have gotten several parents reaching out to me about their overweight children recently, so I decided to publish an episode on the topic. 

In this episode I talk about WHAT NOT TO DO and then give you several strategies for how to make subtle changes to your child's food and their environment to get them to eat less...

Jan 8, 2019

I've seen lots of articles and information surrounding this topic of the addictive properties of sugar. 

Some have gone so far as to call it more addictive than cocaine. 

But how true is this?

Today on the show, I am going to give you my take on the topic to help you make better sense of these claims. 

Make sure you...

Jan 2, 2019

Today on the show we discuss the concept of good calories and bad calories. 

Are some calories really better than others?

If so, how do you know?

Tune in to find out more!