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The Nutrition Science Podcast

Oct 18, 2022

Artificial sweeteners might be one of the most controversial topics in nutrition. Some people claim that they are dangerous and others will say that they are perfectly safe. 

In today's episode we are going to discuss some of the most recent research on artificial sweeteners that has been published in the last few years that has actually caused me to change my mind a little on the topic recently. 

Here are the citations to the studies I cover in the episode: 


Acute blood sugar responses 

Longer term consumption and weight and glucose intolerance

Study on sucralose from Huberman podcast 

More sucralose studies:
Individual response study published in 2022 
Artificial sweeteners luminal cancers 
Another sweeteners study that showed no functional impact on the microbiome
Cardiovasciular Disease 
Low calorie sweetened beverages and cardiovascular disease
Artificially sweeted beverages vs. sugar sweetened beverages 
NutriNet Sante Study of individual sweeteners
Meta analysis showing no cancer risk, but increase all-cause mortality 
Review on specific cancer types 
NutriNet Sante Study that got headlines earlier this year 
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