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The Nutrition Science Podcast

Jan 19, 2024

We know that carrying excess body fat can increase the risk of chronic health problems. On the other hand, there is a growing movement promoting Health at Any Size that want to shift the focus away from weight and towards more holisitc meaures of health. 

On this eipsode, I give my honest take of the HAES movement and we discuss: 

  • The 5 principles of the HAES movement 
  • Whether the principles are supported by science 
  • Why this movement has become popular in some circles
  • Whether habits are more important than body size when it comes to health outcomes

and much more...

If you are curious what this movement is, want to learn more about how excess body fat can impact health vs. the importance of habits you are going to want to tune into this episode. 

Citations from this Episode:


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