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Your Nutrition Prescription Podcast

Aug 29, 2018

Guess what everyone? I am now sponsored by Fit Tea and I am selling their detox product and I want to offer you 20% off...

Just kidding. 

Seriously though, although most of the commercial products on the market are a gimmick, which has unfortunately created a lot of negativity surrounding the word "detox".

However, there is a lot of value to a true functional medicine based detoxification protocol. 

It is like a deep cleaning for your body and considering the fact that we are exposed to 70,000 + man-made chemicals in our environment we could use an occasional deep cleaning. 

Today on the show, I am going to give you six tips for setting yourself up for success in your detoxification endeavors. 

Check out the show to learn more. 


Here is the detox product that I mentioned

Here is the intestinal cleanse

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