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Your Nutrition Prescription Podcast

Oct 11, 2017

Type 2 diabetes is a debilitating disease that affects millions. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. There is a slow and gradual process that occurs as someone goes from being completely healthy, to pre-diabetic, to full blown diabetic. The problem is that most people are not even aware that they are pre-diabetic and that they have underlying metabolic dysfunction.

In this episode, I detail the progression from a healthy individual to type 2 diabetic. I talk about how the muscles and liver begin to lose responsiveness to the signal that insulin is giving when it attaches to the cells and how that eventually leads to the destruction of the pancreas, which eventually leads to complete metabolic dysregulation, insulin dependency and the downstream consequences of poorly controlled type 2 diabetes. I am positive that you or someone you know is somewhere far along in this process. Please tune in and take in this information and share it with others who it might also be able to benefit.

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