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Your Nutrition Prescription Podcast

Mar 30, 2018

Have you ever heard of Chinese restaurant syndrome? 

Sounds terrible doesn't it? 

Chinese restaurant is a collection of symptoms that resemble the effects of a mild allergic reaction. Some people blame it on the MSG and say that we should avoid it at all costs. 

I LOVE me some Chinese restaurant food, so I wanted to...

Mar 29, 2018

I had NO IDEA that being a complete carnivore had become a "thing" until very recently. 

With that being said, I am interested in the effects and I wanted to chat about it. 

Tune in for a completely off the cuff discussion of the carnivore diet. 

What I believe will be the consequences of this diet for an extended...

Mar 28, 2018

If you are a parent you are probably familiar with the struggle of attempting to get children to eat real food amidst the onslaught of deliciously manufactured, ,colorful, cute-furry-mascot-endorsed junk foods.

Food companies have spent lots of time and money creating and selling junk foods to your children that appeal...

Mar 27, 2018

In this episode you will learn: 

- The nutritional composition of flax seeds

- Why not all Omega-3 fats are created equal

- How fiber improves blood sugar control

- How HOMA-IR/insulin sensitivity is more important than glucose alone

and much more. 

Tune in and head on over to Facebook or Instagram to let me know what...

Mar 26, 2018

For optimal results, don't guess, test.

You would't expect to be financially successful by never looking at your paycheck, never checking your bank account, never looking at your investment accounts. 

Don't do the same with your health. Accurate measurement and targeted action will provide predictable results.