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The Nutrition Science Podcast

Oct 11, 2018

I don't usually listen to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, but recently Joe invited Dr. Chris Kresser and Dr. Joel Kahn to have a debate about Paleo nutrition vs. Vegan nutrition and I was curious to hear the discussion. 

It was a great discussion, but I found it to be lacking in some respects.

Given that Joe Rogan runs one of the most popular podcast in the world and I know that this podcast was watched/listened to by several million people (and probably some of you), I want to give my take on the discussion and also encourage you to tune into another episode of the Joe Rogan Experience that I think is much more valuable when it comes to nutrition and health. 

Here is a link to the episode with Dr. Kresser and Dr. Kahn on Youtube

Here is a link to the episode with Dom D'Agastino and Layne Norton that I recommend checking out.



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