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Your Nutrition Prescription Podcast

Nov 29, 2018

When Dr. Stephen Cabral was a teenager, he was a 3 sport athlete, and a high achieving student. 

He was a healthy kid, or so he thought. 

In a short span of time he completely lost his health. It got so bad that he had a hard time climbing a flight of steps and some days he barely got out of bed. 

The journey to get well, sent Dr. Cabral on a mission to heal himself and it has led Dr. Cabral to found and grow the biggest Virtual Functional Medicine practice in the world.

He is truly transforming healthcare. 

I am so grateful that Dr. Cabral was kind enough to take the time to share his incredible story on the show. 

The world needs to know about Dr. Cabral and all of the amazing resources that he is offering. 

In this show we discuss: 

  • How Dr. Cabral's health deteriorated as a teenager
  • Why he thinks 3,000 + capsules of antibiotics might have played a role. 
  • His long and unproductive cycle of seeing the best doctors in the world and getting no answers.
  • How Dr. Cabral discovered conventional medicine and finally found hope.
  • How meeting his mentor finally connected the dots and helped him get 100% well 
  • Dr. Cabral's mission hat took him around the world to find THE BEST form of medicine
  • Dr. Cabral's vision of a new model of healthcare delivery that everyone has access to and utilizes.
  • The Rain Barrel Effect: The best selling book that is the foundation of what Dr. Cabral learned in his intense research.

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