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Your Nutrition Prescription Podcast

Feb 11, 2019

You are stronger than you think that you are. 

I see so many people at the gym training with a resistance that is obviously not challenging for them and working within a repetition range that is NOT difficult.

Recently, I took my girlfriend to workout for the first time and it was clear to me that despite working with trainers in the past, she had mostly stayed within the "no results zone".

The no results zone is where you have several more repetitions left in the tank, but you stop for no apparent reason. 

People stay in the no results zone, because they don't know how strong they really are.

So they avoid grabbing more weight or continuing to do repetitions to the point of fatigue.

Tune in to today's episode as I talk about this concept more and why pushing past the no results zone will have a broad impact on your life.