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Your Nutrition Prescription Podcast

Jun 26, 2018

I am slowly becoming a strong advocate of essential oils. 

Essential oils offer an alternative to chemically derived fragrances and antibacterials that have been used for thousands of years and whose chemical properties and traditional uses are now being confirmed by modern science (duh!) 

As I continue to dive in and learn more about essentials oils, I am going to publish more episodes on the subject. 

Today is a basic introduction to some calming essential oils, that you can start to look into yourself. 


Here is a full list of the oils:

1) Lavender 

2) Roman Chamomile 

3) Bergamot 

4) Frankincense 

5) Cedarwood 

6) Vetiver 


Some suggestions about how to use them: 

1) Put some drops under your pillow

2) Put some drops into a warm bath 

3) Diffuse them into the air

4) Use them as part of a skin moisturizing concoction


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