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The Nutrition Science Podcast

Apr 11, 2022

I have a great episode for you all today!

My guest, Andrea Ellis, is going to tell her story of building a very profitable integrative health coaching business and deciding to shut it all down after "seeing behind the curtain". 

She explains how her chronic health condition led her to feel unserved by conventional...

Mar 30, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of the Nutrition Science Podcats!   

I have an exciting interview today with Dr. Joe Zundell who is a cancer metabolism researcher who has a strong passion for helping to educate the public about the SCIENCE OF CANCER. 

In this episode we discuss: 

-Dr. Joe's background the led him to...

Feb 16, 2022

Welcome back!

In this episode, I discuss the future of the podcast and my thoughts about how we can make evidence-based nutrition a more integrated part of the healthcare system. 


Diabetes Management Blueprint 

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