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The Nutrition Science Podcast

Aug 22, 2018

You know what I love about natural plant medicines? 

Their broad scale application. 

One plant can have a dozen different effects and they all turn out to be strongly positive. 

Ginger is one of those plants. 

Ginger does pretty much everything, but it is especially useful for a few groups of people. 

Tune in the the show today to learn about who might be able to benefit the most from incorporating ginger as a supplement to their current diet. 

Here are links to the research studies that I reviewed on the show: 

Review of Ginger on Nausea 

Review on Ginger and Cancer 

Ginger on Gastric Emptying

Review of Ginger Effects on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

Individual Study that Showed CRP and PGE2 Cut in Half 



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