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Your Nutrition Prescription Podcast

Jan 30, 2019

Honestly, the gluten free craze has gotten out of hand and the information surrounding the negative health effects of gluten consumption is often exaggerated. 

In the functional medicine space most experts are telling everyone that they need to avoid gluten completely forever because it is going to cause leaky gut and autoimmune disease, but what evidence is this based on?

Do you really NEED to avoid gluten to be healthy?

Tune in to today's episode of the show to learn more. 

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Here are the links to some of the research discussed in the episode today: 

Studies showing that gliadin can trigger zonulin release and  impaired gut barrier function

Study that showed no improvement of gluten free diets after FODMAP reduction

Gluten free diet has negative effects on microbiome 

Study that showed improvement in lipids with the addition of gluten into the diet

Recent review paper on gluten free diets